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2009 Edcouch-Elsa Football Preview

2009 Player Profiles

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2009 Seniors Top Prospects
Brandon Reyna - #44 Aaron Saenz - #54 Alex Garcia - #52 Jesse Jalomo - #12
Reyna, Brandon
Name: Brandon Reyna
Pos:  LB       Hgt: 5'9"
Wgt: 202     40 yd.: 5.0
Vert: 23"     Bench: 285
Squat: 405    Clean: 255
Letter(s): 3
Notes: Reyna aims to make an immediate impact as he works to fill the gap of the departed middle linebacker Tony Sanchez. Reyna was slated as a starter last season; however, injuries plagued him for most of the season. Spring ball was an early indication of what might be expected next season. Reyna displayed a commanding on-the-field leadership as well as the potential to issue the pain to would-be ball carriers. After a strong off-season, look for a healthy Reyna to take the Edcouch-Elsa thunder defense by the reigns in 2009.
Saenz, Aaron
Name: Aaron Saenz
Pos:  OC       Hgt: 5'7"
Wgt: 212     40 yd.: 5.2
Vert: 26"     Bench: 235
Squat: 465    Clean: 230
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Although Saenz saw limited playing time last season as the backup center and guard, this valuable experience should pay dividends in 2009. His role as the starting center will be of importance considering that the Jackets will face several formidable opponents that use a nose-tackle over the center. During his last campaign as a starting center, Saenz was nearly perfect the entire season with only one fumbled exchange from center to quarterback. Look for Saenz to use his seniority to guide the offensive line this season.
Garcia, Alex
Name: Alex Garcia
Pos:  DE       Hgt: 5'9"
Wgt: 215     40 yd.: 5.0
Vert: 21"     Bench: 295
Squat: 495    Clean: 225
Letter(s): 3
Notes: The 2009 season is a culmination of hard work and countless hours spent in the weight room for Garcia. His low center of gravity, big hits, and ability to read the offensive linemen makes him a big threat to the opposing team. It has also earned him the nickname of "Lights Out" among his teammates. Garcia looks to have a breakout season and make a name for himself in what is a long list of dominating defensive ends in Edcouch-Elsa history.
Jalomo, Jesse
Name: Jesse Jalomo
Pos:  DB/WR     Hgt: 5'11"
Wgt: 170       40 yd.: 4.7
Vert: 28"       Bench: 215
Squat: 315      Clean: 195
Letter(s): 3
Notes: Dave Campbell's "top Junior for 2008" was right on target as Jalomo made a huge impact on the offense last season. Jalomo finished the season with over 600 yards receiving on 26 receptions, which included a game-breaking performance against the Mercedes Tigers. These accolades were good enough to earn him a 1st team all-district nomination. As the number one receiver, look for Jalomo to become the go-to-guy for the new QB.
Xavier Perez - #22 Roger Garcia - #32 Lupe Garcia - #61 Issac Prado - #18
Perez, Xavier
Name: Xavier Perez
Pos:  WR/RB    Hgt: 5'9"
Wgt: 150     40 yd.: 4.9
Vert: 28"     Bench: 210
Squat: 385    Clean: 215
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Perez started last season on the JV squad, but it was only a matter of time before he convinced his coaches that he was bound for greater things. Relegated to a backup, Perez saw most of his action in the final minutes of each game; however this is all Perez felt that he needed to prove himself. Perez brings an element that the Jackets have not seen in a long while--explosive speed. Look for Perez to take on a bigger role in the 2009 campaign as one of the team's main ball-carriers.
Garcia, Roger
Name: Roger Garcia
Pos:  RB/QB    Hgt: 5'6"
Wgt: 168     40 yd.: 4.65
Vert: 29"      Bench: 245
Squat: 305     Clean: 245
Letter(s): 3
Notes: Garcia scraped together 400+ yards rushing performance in a season that was dominated by the Rio Grande Valley's offensive MVP. Regardless, his performance last season was good enough to be the team's second leading rusher for the 2nd consecutive year. Furthermore, this 2nd team all-district player is expected to bear the bulk of the burden for the 2009 Jackets, whether it is at the running back position or under center as quarterback. Look for Garcia, who made it a personal goal, to not only lead the team in offensive yards, but to be in contention among the other 32-4a yardage leaders.
Garcia, Lupe
Name: Lupe Garcia
Pos:  OT        Hgt: 6'1"
Wgt: 230      40 yd.: 5.5
Vert: 22"      Bench: 255
Squat: 495     Clean: 225
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Garcia returns as the lone starting senior in 2009. Garcia is expected to use his experience to lead the offensive line, which struggled at times last season. Coaches hope that Garcia's strength and foot-speed will allow him to lead by example as he is expected to make the transition from guard to tackle this season. Look for this Honorable Mention nominee to anchor the right side of the offensive line for the Jackets this season.
Prado, Issac
Name: Issac Prado
Pos:  DB       Hgt: 5'11"
Wgt: 150      40 yd.: 4.8
Vert: 25"      Bench: 190
Squat: 280     Clean: 190
Letter(s): 3
Notes: As the returning starting safety, Prado did make several appearances as the backup quarterback. However, it has been established that he will spend most of his time on defense, where he has developed a fierce reputation. In fact, his performance earned him an Honorable Mention distinction in 32-4a last season, which should set the stage for this season. Better known as "cowboy," look for Prado to use his senior leadership to pick up the slack in a secondary that was severely hit by graduation.

Other Prospects
Caceres, Jordan
Name: Jordan Caceres - #xx
Pos:  DE       Hgt: x'xx"
Wgt: xxx     40 yd.: x.xx
Vert: xx"      Bench: xxx
Squat: xxx     Clean: xxx
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Caceres enters the 2009 season as the team's senior wild-card. His tenacity and knack for sniffing out ball carriers makes him a force to be reckoned with. With his speed and drive to the ball, look for Caceres to bring stability to the defensive line.
Rubio, Joey
Name: Joey Rubio - # 05
Pos:  TE       Hgt: 5'10"
Wgt: 165     40 yd.: 5.5
Vert: 21"     Bench: 205
Squat: 335    Clean: 165
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Rubio is slated as a tight end, but may earn some time as a wide receiver after showing significant improvement in his catching ability as well as running routes. This may be critical as the team's new quarterback may be looking for a second target with reliable hands this season. Look for Rubio to make contributions where ever he can.
Valdez, Americo
Name: Americo Valdez - #27
Pos:  DB       Hgt: 5'7"
Wgt: 140     40 yd.: 4.9
Vert: 26"     Bench: 185
Squat: 335    Clean: 185
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Valdez took a back seat to what was a very experienced defensive secondary last season. However, when he was given some playing time, Valdez had a knack for just finding the ball mid-flight. Valdez snagged 3 interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown. With his keen ability to find the ball makes him a prime candidate to assume a starting role this season alongside free safety Issac Prado.
Sanchez, Nick
Name: Nick Sanchez
Pos:  WR       Hgt: 5'10"
Wgt: 145     40 yd.: 4.55
Vert: 24"     Bench: xxx
Squat: xxx    Clean: xxx
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Sanchez has been burning up the track on the varsity squad for the last 3 years. As a senior, Sanchez has high hopes in bringing that speed to the gridiron. Look for Sanchez to utilize this speed on offense and for special situations.
Castillo, Ryan
Name: Ryan Castillo - #20
Pos:  FB       Hgt: 5'8"
Wgt: 170     40 yd.: 5.0
Vert: 21"      Bench: 210
Squat: 385     Clean: 200
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Castillo brings a fresh element to already potent Edcouch-Elsa running game for 2009. As fullback, his power-running style will off-set the outside speed game, since he does possess the potential to break-away up the middle of the field. Look for Castillo to not only clear the path as a blocking fullback, but to be the final piece of the puzzle that completes the triple threat offense of the Jackets.
Zavala, Daniel
Name: Daniel Zavala - #50
Pos:  LB       Hgt: 5'7"
Wgt: 170     40 yd.: 5.0
Vert: 20"      Bench: 300
Squat: 405     Clean: 225
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Zavala demonstrated last season on the JV squad that he was often playing at a high level. His quickness and strength kept would-be blockers busy all night hoping to contain him. As a result, Zavala was used mostly on the blitz packages from the linebacker and end position. Look for Zavala to contribute on special defensive packages as well as special teams this season.
Reyes, Reynaldo
Name: Reynaldo Reyes - #42
Pos:  LB/FB    Hgt: 6'0"
Wgt: 240     40 yd.: 5.5
Vert: 19"      Bench: 225
Squat: 325     Clean: 205
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Reyes hopes to make an impression this season as he rejoins the team after a leave of absence from the sport. He quickly turned some heads during the spring ball workouts and could potentially be another factor to may help bring the 7th district title back to Edcouch-Elsa. Look for Reyes to quite possibly offer his football services to whoever needs them the most.
Villalpando, DeeJay
Name: DeeJay Villalpando - #24
Pos:  RB        Hgt: 5'6"
Wgt: 135       40 yd.: 4.9
Vert: 27"       Bench: xxx
Squat: xxx      Clean: xxx
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Villalpando will be the team's firecracker next season, ready to explode. Last season, Villalpando used his small stature to his advantage, as he ran undetected behind his blocking linemen for some positive yards. Villalpando should will be the guy that changes the pace of the offense, should the need ever arise. This has become quite evident from his performance during the 7on7 program.
Cipriano, Jose
Name: Jose Cipriano - #82
Pos:  TE       Hgt: 6'1"
Wgt: 225     40 yd.: 4.9
Vert: 26"      Bench: 255
Squat: 405     Clean: 215
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Cipriano finds himself in the position of having to fill the size 14.5 shoes of departed tight end Artie Tanguma. Although he is not too far off, Cipriano does have good speed for his size and is known for his ability to block. This may come in handy as the Jackets may revert back to a pounding running game that will require a big blocking tight end.
Garza, Santos
Name: Santos Garza - #26
Pos:  FS       Hgt: 5'7"
Wgt: 140     40 yd.: 4.6
Vert: 29"      Bench: 210
Squat: 325     Clean: 190
Letter(s): 1
Notes: As the new kid on the block, Garza has made a name for himself rather quickly this year on the 7on7 team. His speed from sideline to sideline as well as his keen ability to zero in on the football for the interception makes him a good candidate to earn a starting position on the defensive secondary. Look for Garza to be in fierce competition for one of the few remaining positions on this year's defense.
Escobar, Jorge
Name: Jorge Escobar - #xx
Pos:  DT       Hgt: 5'7"
Wgt: 230     40 yd.: 5.0
Vert: 22"      Bench: 285
Squat: 495     Clean: 225
Letter(s): 1
Notes: The normally jovial Escobar, immediately transforms into a crazed beast once the game begins. His cat-like reflexes and good movement off the snap of the ball qualifies him as an excellent replacement for the interior part of the defensive line that was struck hard by graduation. Look for Escobar to plug the middle of the field as he anchors the defensive interior this season.

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2009 Juniors
Players To Watch
Trea Latigo - #68 Branden Martinez - #21 Andres Ochoa - #55 Rene Moreno - #06
Latigo, Trae
Name: Trae Latigo
Pos:  OG       Hgt: 5'9"
Wgt: 195     40 yd.: 5.7
Vert: 16"     Bench: 215
Squat: 405    Clean: 185
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Latigo emerged into the starting role on the offensive line as a sophomore. Now a seasoned veteran, Latigo returns with this experience and hopes to continue to be one of the driving forces behind the Jacket offense. Latigo plans to rely upon his technique and general knowledge of the game to guide him this season. Look for Latigo to help the Jacket offense lead the district in total yards this season.
Martinez, Branden
Name: Branden Martinez
Pos:  RB/CB    Hgt: 5'8"
Wgt: 155     40 yd.: 4.9
Vert: 26"      Bench: 205
Squat: 335     Clean: 165
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Martinez saw limited action as a sophomore on the varsity squad, however did show signs of being able to run with the ball effectively during the few handoffs he was given. Despite being of a small stature, Martinez has the ability to power through the hole, which could prove to be a good tandem between the other running backs.
Ochoa, Andres
Name: Andres Ochoa
Pos:  OT       Hgt: 5'11"
Wgt: 225     40 yd.: 5.3
Vert: 22"     Bench: 265
Squat: 495    Clean: 235
Letter(s): 2
Notes: After being promoted to starting tackle as a sophomore, Ochoa had no other choice but to rise to the occasion. It was his hand speed and good blocking technique that allowed for the task at hand to be accomplished. Furthermore, it was with Ochoa's blocking, that allowed the Jackets to average 389 yards of total offense a game. With experience at his side, look for Ochoa to demand a great deal of ball movement to the left side of the line.
Moreno, Rene
Name: Rene Moreno
Pos:  OG/TE      Hgt: 5'9"
Wgt: 206       40 yd.: 5.1
Vert: 24"       Bench: 250
Squat: 450      Clean: 215
Letter(s): 1
Notes: In order to fill the needs on the offensive line, Moreno may find himself making the transition from tight end to offensive guard. Overall his size, quickness, and good blocking skills allows for such a transition, should it be necessary. Look for Moreno to make the necessary sacrifices and help out the team wherever need be.
Sal Martinez - #xx Simon Hernandez - #59 Josh Ruiz - #10 Danny Villarreal - #xx
Martinez, Sal
Name: *Sal Martinez
Pos:  LB       Hgt: 5'9"
Wgt: 165     40 yd.: 5.3
Vert: 24"     Bench: 180
Squat: 325    Clean: 170
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Martinez falls into the category of being another quality linebacker that could potentially earn some playing time because of his size and speed. Special teams contributions will be big for this upcoming sophomore.
Hernandez, Simon
Name: Simon Hernandez
Pos:  DE      Hgt: 5'11"
Wgt: 190     40 yd.: 5.2
Vert: 28"     Bench: 205
Squat: 435    Clean: 205
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Hernandez aims to make an impact this season after spending last season developing his game on the JV squad. Look for Hernandez to use this season as an opportunity to finalize his skills as a defensive end.
Ruiz, Josh
Name: Josh Ruiz
Pos:  LB/WR    Hgt: 6'0"
Wgt: 178     40 yd.: 4.9
Vert: 30"     Bench: 225
Squat: 425    Clean: 195
Letter(s): 2
Notes: Ruiz displayed glimmers of greatness on a defensive unit last season that was dominated by seniors. His performance was good enough to earn him a 32-4a Honorable Mention nomination. With a variety of available positions on defense, look for Ruiz to compete for playing time on the squad.
Villarreal, Danny
Name: *Danny Villarreal
Pos:  DT         Hgt: 5'8"
Wgt: 205       40 yd.: x.x
Vert: xx"       Bench: xxx
Squat: xxx      Clean: xxx
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Villarreal has a knack of finding the ball. Look for him to really become a student of the game this upcoming season.
Ryan Garza - #13 Steven Perez - #90 Joseph Ybarra - #63 Victor Sandoval - #40
Garza, Ryan
Name: Ryan Garza
Pos:  QB         Hgt: 5'6"
Wgt: 165       40 yd.: x.x
Vert: 23"       Bench: xxx
Squat: xxx      Clean: xxx
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Despite his one-year hiatus, Garza returns back to the grid-iron at full throttle. Concentrating primarily on baseball, Garza turned the tide for the baseball team by leading them to a playoff appearance after a long drought. Now Garza hopes to have the same kind of impact in 2009 as he makes his return back to the sport of football. Look for Garza to follow in the footsteps of his father and compete for the open spot at quarterback this season.
Perez, Steven
Name: Steven Perez
Pos:  DE      Hgt: 5'10"
Wgt: 229     40 yd.: 5.5
Vert: 19"     Bench: 205
Squat: xxx    Clean: xxx
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Stifled by injuries, Perez remains a technically sound player that has good speed around the corners. He gained some valuable experience on the JV squad and had a good off-season. Look for Perez to be in the thick of competition for some playing time on a defensive line that needs to be replenished.
Ybarra, Joseph
Name: Joseph Ybarra - #63
Pos:  DT        Hgt: 5'11"
Wgt: 245       40 yd.: 5.6
Vert: 20"       Bench: 265
Squat: 365      Clean: 190
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Ybarra has wanted to be a Yellow Jacket all his life. It is most obvious because of his insatiable drive to be the best he can be. This is best witnessed during his workouts and lifting sessions. As a starter on the JV squad, Ybarra brings the most experience to a defensive line that has many gaps to fill. Look for Ybarra to fill these gaps of the interior defensive line.
Sandoval, Victor
Name: Victor Sandoval
Pos:  LB      Hgt: 5'9"
Wgt: 200     40 yd.: 5.3
Vert: 20"     Bench: 185
Squat: 405    Clean: 160
Letter(s): 1
Notes: Sandoval has decided to pay his dues and strive to become a Yellow Jacket. After a good off-season and spring ball season, Sandoval hopes to make the varsity squad this season. Look for Sandoval to continue to work hard to become the best linebacker that he can be.

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2009 Sophomores
Future Prospects
Joe Aaron Lopez - #09 Alonso Toscano - #07 Juan Rodriguez - #xx Nathan Gomez - #53
Lopez, Joe Aaron
Name: Joe Aaron Lopez
Pos:  QB       Hgt: 6'0"
Wgt: 165     40 yd.: 5.5
Vert: 21"     Bench: 155
Squat: 265    Clean: 145
Notes: Lopez possesses several of the traits to can make him yet another great quarterback for Edcouch-Elsa. The main thing holding him back is his youth and inexperience. However, his enthusiasm and good attitude should take him a long way. Lopez has opted to take an active role in this year's 7-on-7 team, which should prove valuable should his opportunity to take snaps ever be called.
Toscano, Alonso
Name: Alonso Toscano
Pos:  WR       Hgt: 5'6"
Wgt: 140     40 yd.: 4.9
Vert: 27"     Bench: 170
Squat: 325    Clean: 180
Notes: As a freshman, Toscano score 5 touchdowns against a very stingy Port Isabel defense. Coaches can only dream about having 11 players like Toscano on the field at the same time. His good attitude, great work ethics, and athletic ability makes him an instant asset to the team next season. Where exactly he will contribute the most has yet to be determined, however, look for Toscano to have an immediate impact on the 2009 varsity squad.
Rodriguez, Juan
Name: *Juan Rodriguez
Pos:  xx       Hgt: x'x"
Wgt: xxx     40 yd.: x.x
Vert: xx"     Bench: xxx
Squat: xxx    Clean: xxx
Notes: There is nothing little about the younger brother of 2008 1st team all-district defensive end Frank Rodriguez. Juan Rodriguez has the size, desire, and talent to surpass the accomplishments of his older brother. Look for Rodriguez to prove himself as he works to earn a spot in the defensive rotation. If need be, Rodriguez may even get a little playing time on the offensive line, where he helped anchored the freshman team last year to a district title.
Gomez, Nathan
Name: Nathan Gomez
Pos:  DE/OG    Hgt: 5'11"
Wgt: 196     40 yd.: 5.3
Vert: 24"     Bench: 205
Squat: 375    Clean: 205
Notes: Gomez is another example of a versatile lineman that could play either side of the ball. His height, quick feet, and good use of the hands may qualify him as a worthy candidate for the offensive line. Look for Gomez to spend his sophomore year gaining valuable varsity experience.
Jorge Alvarez - #75 Michael Garcia - #08 Juan Villarreal - #45 Brandon Montoya - #23
Alvarez, Jorge
Name: Jorge Alvarez
Pos:  OL       Hgt: 5'9"
Wgt: 250     40 yd.: 5.7
Vert: 18"     Bench: 275
Squat: 405    Clean: 215
Notes: Alvarez brings much needed relief to a part of the offensive that lacks depth. His good size and tremendous attitude make him a model athlete for others. He also earned a varsity letter as a freshman on the power lifting team. Look for Alvarez to continue working hard as he works his way up the ranks on the offensive line.
Garcia, Michael
Name: Michael Garcia
Pos:  WR/CB    Hgt: 5'8"
Wgt: 150     40 yd.: 5.09
Vert: 28"     Bench: 140
Squat: 300    Clean: 135
Notes: Garcia has paid his dues during the off-season and was a contributor on this summer's 7-on-7 team. As a result, Garcia hopes to earn a spot on the varsity squad. His quickness and good attitude could make him useful on special teams.
Villarreal, Juan
Name: Juan Villarreal
Pos:  LB       Hgt: 5'10
Wgt: 198     40 yd.: 5.2
Vert: xx"     Bench: 225
Squat: 495    Clean: 215
Notes: Villarreal is another young prospect that has varsity coaches excited about the 2009 sophomore class. This fearless linebacker brings the element of speed and ability to read the offensive as he delivers the pain play after play. He is coachable and ready to spring into action. His abilities make him a potentially candidate to become the next middle linebacker in the future. Look for Villarreal to be the middle of competition for a starting position as an outside linebacker
Montoya, Brandon
Name: Brandon Montoya
Pos:  LB      Hgt: 5'10"
Wgt: 190     40 yd.: 4.8
Vert: 30"     Bench: 230
Squat: 415    Clean: 225
Notes: As a freshman, Montoya finished as the team's statistic leader in almost every category, including sacks (16 total sacks). This fullback turned defensive ends turned linebacker brings speed and an aggressive attitude to the interior part of the defense. Look for Montoya to make most of his contributions this season on the special teams as he works to complete the final piece of the puzzle to make him a complete player.
Luis Hernandez - #37 Anthony Rodriguez - #71 Cipi Medina - #04
Hernandez, Luis
Name: Luis Hernandez
Pos:  DE       Hgt: 6'0"
Wgt: 186     40 yd.: 5.3
Vert: 22"     Bench: 225
Squat: 475    Clean: 205
Notes: Hernandez is probably one of the more exciting sophomore prospects. Hernandez possesses many of the raw qualities that could make him a dangerous threat to opponents. Look for Hernandez to spend his sophomore year refining his raw talents and possibly competing for some playing time.
Rodriguez, Anthony
Name: Anthony Rodriguez
Pos:  DT       Hgt: 5'8"
Wgt: 225     40 yd.: 5.4
Vert: 18"     Bench: 245
Squat: 495    Clean: 210
Notes: Rodriguez learned a valuable lesson during spring ball as he made the transition from freshman football to varsity. That lesson was that the road ahead was not an easy one. As a result, Rodriguez vowed to become a better player during the summer off-season program. Look for Rodriguez to spend this season learning the tricks of the trade as a defensive lineman.
Medina, Cipi
Name: Cipi Medina 
Pos:  WR/CB    Hgt: 5'5"
Wgt: 135     40 yd.: 5.3
Vert: 26"     Bench: 170
Squat: 315    Clean: 145
Notes: Medina works hard and doesn't know what it means to quit. His persistence for being a Jacket shows in everything he does. Look for Medina to share his good work ethics with the team.

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