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Former and Current E-E Athletes in Collegiate Football

1950-1959 1960-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2009

E-E College Football Athletes: 1950-1959

Joe Howell

Class of 1954

Howell, Joe

Texas A&I Javelinas (Football)

Frank Smith

Class of 1959

Smith, Frank

Rice University (Football)

Juan Jose Capello

Class of 1959

capello, Juan Jose

Texas A&I University (Football)

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E-E College Football Athletes: 1960-1969

Robert Capello

Class of 1960

capello, Robert

Texas A&I University (Football)

Bill Hollon

Class of 1964

Hollon, Bill

University of Houston (Football)

Bruce Potter

Class of 1964

Potter, Bruce

Navy [Annopolis] (Football)

Macon Hughes

Class of 1966

Hughes, Macon

Rice University (Football)

1971 NFL Draft: 11th Round

Lloyd Ricketson

Class of 1968

Ricketson, Lloyd

Lamar University (Football)

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E-E College Football Athletes: 1970-1979

Adolfo Sonnen

Class of 1976

Sonnen, Adolfo

West Texas State (Football)

Joey Caceres

Class of 1979

Careces, Joey

Sul Ross State (Football)

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E-E College Football Athletes: 1980-1989

Obe Leal

Class of 1982

Leal, Obe

Sul Ross State (Football)

Danny Perez

Class of 1988

Perez, Danny

Howard Payne University (Football)

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E-E College Football Athletes: 1990-1999

Jose L. De Leon

Class of 1993

De Leon, Jose

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) (Football)

Saul De Leon

Class of 1994

De Leon, Saul

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) (Football)

Adan A. Perales

Class of 1997

Perales, Adan

Grinnell College Pioneers (Football)

Felix Hinojosa

Class of 1997

Hinojosa, Felix

Texas A&M Kingsville Javelinas (Football)

Joe Marichalar

Class of 1998

Marichalar, Joe

Sul Ross State (Football)

David Hinojosa

Class of 1999

Hinojosa, David

Texas A&M Kingsville Javelinas (Football)

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E-E College Football Athletes: 2000-2009

Earl Arispe

Class of 2000

Arispe, Earl

Graceland College (IA) (Football & Track)

Vergil Aguirre

Class of 2002

Aguirre, Vergil

Moringside College Mustangs (MO.) (Football & Soccer)

Jorge Rubio

Class of 2007

Rubio, Jorge

Texas Lutheran University (Football)

Jerry Galvan

Class of 2008

Galvan, Jerry

Texas Lutheran University (JV Football)

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Know of any former E-E athlete that lettered at least one year in collegiate football? E-mail your submissions along with any documentation to the Website Administrator

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