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Mr. Jorge Saenz (Class of '76), freelance photographer for the Mid Valley Town Crier, has been following the Edcouch-Elsa football team for many years now. Saenz recently went world-wide when he decided to begin posting his photos online at www.dotphoto.com. In fact, photos from this football season as well as some of the previous are available online for viewing and purchase. In order to access the site, use the username and password provided above. The website, dotphoto.com, allows users to store the photos online with the option of purchasing prints. If you are interested, you can purchase one of his prints using this service. However, if you are interested in purchasing a photo print, www.eejackets.com highly recommends that you contact JBR Digital Imaging (J. Saenz) directly via e-mail or cell phone. Besides providing a higher resolution photo, he will gladly print the photo to your specifications and virtually guarantees your satisfaction.

Contact Mr. J. Saenz at the following e-mail: jbrdigital AT yahoo.com or cell number: (956) 499-6374

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